Secretary replacement

Secretarial replacement is a type of personnel lease service that allows companies to provide continuous office administration during the absence of the secretary.

Secretarial replacement is especially beneficial:

  • when the secretary plans to take longer leave, such as annual leave or parental leave
  • in the case of illness

Secretary replacement is a service particularly demanded in the summer season. Simplika offers to recruit a temporary secretary for a term ranging from one day to both full-time and part-time.

Regarding clients’ specific needs outstaffing services may include:

  • finding a suitably qualified employee
  • arrangement of employee’s relationship – signing of an employment contract and work safety briefing
  • payroll and tax calculation and payout
  • staff record-keeping

What functions can the temporary secretary provide?

  • answer phone calls
  • connect phone calls with appropriate colleagues
  • receive and forward messages
  • communicate with employees, customers, partners to provide and receive relevant information
  • welcome visitors, inform colleagues about visitor arrival
  • organize the delivery of parcels to the post office
  • record incoming correspondence
  • organize express courier services
  • book hotel rooms, airline tickets, bus, train tickets
  • order a taxi
  • scan invoices/payment orders
  • other