Personnel lease

Personnel lease services include selection of a specialist for a specific position and time period to work for a client’s company while total expenses are equally leveled within the length of a service period. This solution provides uninterrupted running of business support processes when your employees are on a vacation, maternity or sick leave.

Personnel lease is especially beneficial:

  • if you need to attract workers on fixed-term project type or seasonal work
  • if you need to replace employees during annual leave, parental leave or sick leave

Regarding clients’ specific needs outstaffing services may include:

  • selection of the specialists
  • recruitment of a qualified specialist according to your company’s needs
  • formalization of labor relations
  • payroll accounting and personnel related tax calculations and payment
  • HR back-office tasks
  • office staff replacement
  • reporting to client company.

Successfully accomplished personnel lease projects by Simplika team  

  • 10 data entry operators for 3-month period to support migration to a new accounting system
  • Document scanning operators for two month period
  • Marketing specialist – data analyst during marketing campaign lasted for two months working remotely
  • Warehouse coordinator working for 2 hours per day.