Outstaffing services provide the opportunity to transfer to Simplika all or separate departments/ employees of your company. While employees actually work for your company, the legal employment relationship is provided by Simplika. Our team ensures all personnel-related payroll accounting and HR-back office functions for your company. In case of outstaffing services Simplika does not provide recruitment services.

Outstaffing solution is especially beneficial:

  • in case of headcount restrictions
  • for representative offices or small businesses without in-house HR administrative, bookkeeping and accounting functions
  • for foreign companies who are planning regional recruitment without opening an office in the area

Regarding clients’ needs, outstaffing services include:

  • working contractual relationship
  • payroll calculation and payment on a specific date, including fixed and variable components
  • vacation, illness and business travel compensation and bonus calculation
  • appropriate tax calculation and payment in accordance with legislation of The Republic of Latvia
  • cooperation and reporting to State authorities
  • additional services, such as health insurance provision and calculation of mobile phone expenses as necessary
  • attributable personnel documentation
  • reporting to client company.